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We create original games because we love playing fresh and unique productions.
We create intuitive games because we like playing without hours of preparation.
We create engrossing games because gameplay which gives a lot of fun is the soul of each and every game.
We create replayable games because we enjoy discovering the depth of gameplay.
We create games that can be played in short sessions since we are adults and do not have time for a few day sessions of Civilization or Fallout: New Vegas, but in turn we will not say no to a several hour game in Through the Ages or Le Havre.
We create games to our liking because we have a good taste. :)



He felt a yearn for designing games soon after birth, or shortly after, and so it stuck. Game design ranks high on the list of his interests (equally with playing) and he does his best to develop himself in accordance with the motto of Lego: “Only the best is good enough”.

He also excels in painting and programming, but because he has already chosen his way, he is looking for people who will support him in that, preferably for those who chose programming or painting as their professional career.

(Polski) Grzegorz

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alex portret

(Polski) Alex

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(Polski) Michal

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(Polski) Karolina

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(Polski) Radoslaw

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A mysterious individual who founded Gamespol for the purpose known only to himself. Despite the subject of game development is alien to him, the one of creating profitable ventures is very close though. He is sensitive as regards the quality and thus always keeps his hand on the pulse so that each of his brands remains at a high level. He finances creating games and teaches business principles, helping those who want to help themselves. Why did he choose exactly us? Well, it’s obvious;) Artistic field: business and marketing.



If you are passionate about games and at the same time you have both skills you are proud of and some industry experience, feel free to join us. In addition, if you are bored with the irrationality of the industry, have a deep desire to go against the tide and simultaneously you treasure perfectly polished gameplay − you couldn’t choose better. ;)

What we do?


(Polski) Bardzo edukacyjna gra muzyczna

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Our current project

Currently we are in the course of creating a puzzle game of unique mechanics (really unique and not based on a fine twist) and high replayability designed for touch devices. The first platform will be devices running the iOS and we are going to gradually add more.

[Update] Since the project is developing rapidly we are uploading new material so that you could also be able to see it.

What’s new?

Who are we looking for?

We are currently looking for a Unity 3D game developer who will support us with his/her professional skills. We do not care if his/her experience has been built on game programming for desktop or mobile platforms, for us what counts is the quality of the result ;)

If you have different but equally useful skills in gamedev, do not hesitate to write to us. After some time we will need more people to our studio, maybe even sooner than you think.

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  • Address: Galeria "Olimp", Al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 34 lok. 18, Lublin 20-400
  • Phone: (+48) 662 062 102
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Gamespol Sp. z o.o.
Tax identification number (NIP): 9462655674
Statistical number (REGON): 362898845

We are a Polish company with Polish capital (which is emphasized by our name :). We want to promote our country by creating games of the highest quality which we will be proud of when representing them internationally. If you share our passion for games, join us!

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